Industrial engineering 4.0

Industrial engineer

The industrial engineer creates and manages processes and systems aimed at enhancing the quality and the productivity of the companies’ value chain.


They work to offer a better and safer  workplace to help protect people and nature. They master process flow and management and the use of digital factory equipment. 


The industrial engineer also knows how to innovate, model, manage projects and teams, make necessary changes, and assess and prevent risks. They participate in continuous improvement and consider a multitude of constraints; economic, social, environmental, and regulatory. 


The industrial engineer can work in many different industries: aeronautics, food-processing, automobile, naval construction, counselling, transportation, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, and aerospace. 



ECTS credits

Data and decisions 

-Quantitative tools for decision making 

-Business intelligence 



Reliability of socio-technical systems 

-Operational security 

-Simulation, modelisation and digital twin 

-Human factors 



Connected production systems 

-Communication of connected objects 

-Simulation of production systems 



Applied project

-Industrial project

- French language classes



Research laboratory project


Total ECTS credits





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