Mechatronics engineers

In order to cope with the ever-increasing complexity of the technological systems that surround us, our school trains mechatronics students in conception around three areas of engineering sciences: 

  • electronics 
  • mechanics 
  • computer science

Mechatronics can be found nowadays in all types of industries to meet at least the four following challenges: 

  • the Conception Challenge: how to integrate different technologies into the earliest stages of new system creation.  
  • the Challenge of Embedding these new systems 
  • the Quality Challenge: this approach improves reliability and maintenance while generating new difficulties. 
  • the Cultural Challenge: to decompartmentalize the industrial world and offer a truly transversal approach to production  


ECTS credits 



International culture 

- English

- Training course



Advanced mechanical 

-dynamic, crash, impact 

-Non-linear mechanical behaviour 


-Thermo-mechanical applications



Advanced embedded systems 

-Real time systems 






Mechatronics engineering 

-Artificial intelligence and optimization 

-Advanced  Control 

-Numerical Project 



Research Project (IRDL / LABSTIC) 


French language classes 



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